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Pregnancy and Birth Information

Visit the sites below for pregnancy, birth, and prenatal information, education, and advice. Find all kinds of information including fetal development, pregnancy stages, labor and delivery, eating and nutritional advice, and everything else you’ll need to know to keep yourself and your developing baby healthy.

BabyCenter : Pregnancy, Baby, and Toddler Information

Read articles, shop for products, and participate in the BabyCenter Community Bulletin Boards to find information and discuss everything related to your pregnancy, newborn, infant, or toddler.

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Read articles and find resources about pregnancy and childbirth topics such as getting pregnant, labor and delivery, prenatal care, and more.

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American Pregnancy Helpline : Information for Teens

Information written for teens and young adults on such topics as Am I Pregnant, Sexual Health, Pregnancy Health, Unplanned Pregnancy, and more.

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BabyZone : Pregnancy, Parenting, and Family Planning

Find articles and participate in community discussions for all topics from preconception to pregnancy and parenting such as baby showers, names, health and wellness, safety, childcare, nutrition and many other categories.

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Midwifery Today : Articles on Pregnancy, Birth, and Homebirth

Read articles and join in community discussions about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, Doulas, homebirth and other midwife topics.

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National Right to Life Committee : Pro-Life Information

Find the latest news, information, and articles on right to life and abortion issues.

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Planned Parenthood : Reproductive Health Information

News and articles related to pregnancy, birth control, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, and other reproductive health issues. You can also search for a Planned Parenthood health center in your local area.

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Pregnancy Planet : Blogs, Community, Pregnancy Calendar and More

An online community for women that are pregnant or trying to conceive. Provides pregnancy information, parenting and maternity tips, advice, books, online pregnancy calculator as well as shopping deals.

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Yahoo! Health : Pregnancy Articles and Resources

Read a variety of articles from different sources regarding all types of pregnancy issues from getting pregnant to healthy habits and complications.

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Birth Stories : Share and Compare Childbirth Experiences

Read and share stories about real-life birth experiences.

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Articles, information, and links to resources for everything related to pregnancy and childbirth from Cesareans and doulas to postpartum depression.

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ePregnancy : Pregnancy Information and Articles

Pregnancy information and advice from the editors of ePregnancy magazine. Includes Q&A, baby names, news and health updates, and more.

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Pregnancy and Asthma : Info for Pregnant Women with Asthma

Features webcasts, text transcripts, articles, and other resources for treating and controlling asthma in pregnant women.

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