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Baby Names, Meanings, and Ethnic Origins

Find the best baby name for your new girl or boy at the websites listed below. Choose from thousands of American and ethnic baby names, find out their meanings, popularity, and other interesting information and facts...

Baby Names World : More than 11,000 Baby Names

Find the perfect baby name from among more than 11,000 choices that include meaning, ethnic origin, and user ratings.

Review It Bookmark It : Baby Names and Meanings

Contains an ethnically diverse database of thousands of baby names and meanings. Search the database or browse alphabetically or by categories such as celebrity names, soap opera names, pet names, and more.

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Most Popular Baby Names from the Social Security Administration

Find out what the most popular baby names were every year since 1879. Search by year, state, decade, or type in a name to find out how popular it has been over the past decade or longer.

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Baby Names and Stuff : Names, Meanings, and Origins

Find the perfect baby name. Browse through over 45,000 baby names, name meanings, and name origins.

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Baby Names Garden : Baby Names from Around the World

Baby name lists from many countries, plus articles, book reviews, guest interviews, celebrity baby names, and more.

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Babynology : Baby Names Organized by Ethnicity

Browse a directory of baby names organized into ethnic and country origins.

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