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Baby Discussion Forums and Bulletin Boards

Discuss anything and everything related to your newborn, infant, toddler, or child at the community forums and message boards listed below. You’ll get feedback from other moms and dads on everything from baby products to parenting advice and more...

BabyCenter Bulletin Boards and Discussion Forum

A popular discussion board for everything related to babies including getting pregnant, local events and clubs, hobbies, religion, adoption, and more.

Review It Bookmark It Discussion Forum

Join in on discussions about parenting, health, conception and birth, mothers groups, family travel and fun time, and other issues related to children and family life.

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Babies Online Message Boards

Participate in discussions about parenting, nutrition, school, pregnancy, baby names, and many other topics.

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Baby Gaga Community Forum

A community message forum for topics related to pregnancy, parenting, relationships, and baby gear.

Review It Bookmark It Baby Products Forum

Discuss everything about baby products including product reviews, buying advice, safety issues, coupons and deals, and other baby product related topics.

Review It Bookmark It : Baby Carriers and Babywearing Forum

An online community for moms, dads, and other baby wearers who want to learn more about the ancient art of babywearing as well as to learn about the benefits to the little one being worn. Visit the forum to get baby carrier reviews as well as advice on how to use some of the lesser known baby carriers.

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